Sarah Walker: A new city, another top secret mission...

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Sarah Walker: A new city, another top secret mission... Empty Sarah Walker: A new city, another top secret mission...

Post by Sarah Walker on Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:59 am

Being a CIA agent Sarah was accustomed to changing addresses and names at the drop of a hat. When, during the previous spring, her mission ended abruptly with the death of Chuck Bartowski, the Intersect, along with half the world's population, Sarah wasn't surprised to hear that she'd be moving again. What did surprise her was the reason. Something about witches and demons and vampires. And keeping an eye on a Watcher's Council, or something...

Whatever, a job's a job. And after watch Chuck and Agent Casey both dying in the hospital, she was quite, quite ready to leave. Needless to say, she was happy to hear that part of the reason she was going to Boston was because Ellie had been offered a position at Massachusetts General Hospital. Her first mission after Chuck died was to convince Ellie to take the job, a task which was simpler than she would have expected, probably even more anxious that Sarah herself to leave LA behind, having lost her brother and fiance in this town.

And so Sarah finds herself on the opposite of the country from where she'd been, still working for Weinerlicious, but working for an altogether different purpose.
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