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Name: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden
Age: 33
Sex: When the activation spell went down, the power in him, cause his body to shift sexes
Orientation: Gay
Race: Human Wizard Empowered by Lasciel
Occupation: Harry was a wizard who works as a private investigator of sorts in Chicago (he's was in the phone book, the only listing under "Wizards"), dealing with paranormal crimes and consulting for the Chicago Police Department.
History: He is named after three different stage magicians-Harry Houdini, Harry Blackstone Sr, and David Copperfield. This name was given to him by his father, Malcolm Dresden, a stage magician himself, who raised Harry while still performing his magic show all across the country. Harry is considered a magical "thug," lacking fine control of his power, but is one of the strongest living wizards in terms of pure magical strength, as well as factors surrounding the timing of his birth. He originally favored fire and wind spells in battle, but has since evolved towards fire and force, and has recently started using earth, Lightning, and has used water at least once. He is also an expert at tracking spells (which he uses in his investigations) along with summoning and entrapment spells to speak to faeries and other supernatural sources of information. Due to his lack of finer control, Harry often must rely on magical items to help focus and channel his magical energy, such as his staff, blasting rod, shield bracelet, and force rings. Harry has also been known to carry around many firearms such as a .38 revolver, a .357 and most recently a .44 revolver and a sawed-off shotgun for those times when 'magic just doesn't cut it'. Harry's traditional arsenal includes a duster enchanted with protective magics, a rune staff, a 'blasting rod' (a wooden stick used to give him finer control over his evocation magic), a shield bracelet (which Dresden has upgraded significantly throughout the series), a silver ring (used to channel blasts of kinetic energy) which has grown from merely one to several on both hands over the course of his life, and his mother's silver pentacle amulet. Harry also benefits from having a large number of contacts and acquaintances within the different groups of the magical community. Whereas most traditional and hidebound wizards refuse to have dealings with other magical beings, Harry has gained a great deal of respect and infamy that often allows him to pursue other options normally not available to wizards. Of particular relevance is the fact that Harry has met and has some level of interaction with all the Queens of the Summer and Winter Courts of Faerie. Harry's mother, Margaret Gwendolyn LaFey, was a wizard herself, although Harry knew little of her. He has since learned that he is not her only child. He has a half brother named Thomas. Harry was raised by his father, a stage illusionist, until the age of six, when his father died of a brain aneurysm. He spent some years as a ward of the state before being adopted at ten (shortly after manifesting his magical powers) by Justin DuMorne, a former Warden of the White Council who turned renegade and dark mage. Justin later tried to enthrall Harry as his slave, but Harry fought back and in the process killed Justin. Harry was then entrusted to the care of Ebenezar McCoy, who mentored Harry and helped keep him out of trouble, until Harry was old enough to support himself.

Magical Skills: As one of the most powerful younger wizards of the White Council, Harry has a large repertoire of magical powers. His skills at evocation, or ‘quick and dirty’ magic, aka "kaboom magic", aka "battle magic", lean toward large blasts of fire and force, sometimes using wind, and also has some skill with earth (usually magnetism) and lightning magic. He has considerable magical brute strength, though his control is initially somewhat lacking - for example, while he could easily shatter a pair of handcuffs, he may also break the wrists of the person wearing them. For this reason, Harry is ofttimes referred to as a magical 'thug'. Later in the series, Harry is also shown to have tremendous power in ritual form battle magic, when he uses the energy of a ley line to concentrate gravity for several miles around into a small zone, and flattens hundreds of enemy combatants at once. Harry's skill with battle magic has increased steadily and quickly. His shields are the most striking example, initially unable to deal with sufficiently strong attacks, and not warding away heat, such that his hand was almost burned off. Now, thanks to practice and improved foci, they can deal with significant attacks without a problem. While the head of the Wardens has sufficient focus to wield fire magic with a pinpoint laser-like effect that can cut a person in two, Harry has the power to take out a building, fry an I-beam, and has 'upgraded' to a blue-white shot of fire magic strong enough to bore through a Denarian. Harry is also using physics more, using his shields to turn enemies attacks back upon themselves or their allies, and ripping heat away from areas to create ice as well as power fire attacks simultaneously, and transforming himself (and a White Court vampire) into an explosion-powered cannonball. However, Harry was frequently accused of a lack of subtlety in his magic until he began training Molly as his apprentice. Through teaching to her particular talents (especially for veiling) and weaknesses (concentration, less emphasis on violent magic), Harry gained a greater understanding and finer control over his talents and began using subtler versions of his own spells, such as tightly controlled wind gusts. Harry was able to employ Hellfire while possessed by the Shadow of the Denarian Lasciel, a power that especially aided destructive spells and fire effects. Having lost that power, the Archangel Uriel awarded him the Angelic power of soulfire, which is used to make a sort of magical framework for the magic being used, turning, for instance, a straight force attack into an enduring silvery construct hand able to bash and batter repeatedly. The portion of the soul used in the soulfire returns over a period of days, enabling the wielder to get back to full strength; using all of one's soul is still fatal, however. Soulfire excels when used in creation magic, a notable example of which is illusions. A power that all true wizards have is The Sight, or the Third Eye. Using this power is one of the earmarks of wizardry. It allows a wizard to see the world as it truly is, on a magical and spiritual level, bypassing all veils and illusions and showing people and things as they truly are. Anything that is witnessed under the Third Eye is remembered perfectly, forever, which leads to reluctance to employ it, as it is often called on in situations to reveal evil, horrible supernatural harm, and the like, and the weight of such memories can cause significant mental stress over time. Harry's first use of the Sight was on a tree, and he can perfectly picture the gnome-like spirit within it to this day. His use of Sight on the Skinwalker nearly drove him mad with fear and terror at the depth of the evil, cruelty and anathema he witnessed within the creature. It is noteworthy he has never used True Sight on a true Denarian, although he has witnessed the conflict of the Fey Courts using this ability...which completely turned his estimation of the power of Mab on its ear in his awe (and fear). Yet another power that all wizards have is the soulgaze, a meeting of the eyes that transforms into a highly personalized and revealing look at the other person's psyche and soul, and one of the reasons why people instinctively don't look deep into another's eyes. It is an immediate way to identify someone or something flawlessly. It is notably something he has never shared with Murphy, although he has with Susan. Harry has no idea how people perceive him, although those who have Gazed him tend to have their opinion and respect for him taken up several notches after it happens, as they realize the true nature of who they are dealing with. The crime lord Marcone, for instance, evidences a remarkable amount of respect for Harry after sharing a soulgaze, and a young wizard who shared a soulgaze with him said that Harry was gentle, kind, and alone. However, in the few instances when Harry has Gazed an enemy during a confrontation, they generally have had a horrified reaction. On a more mundane level, wizards like Harry are also capable of slowly 'healing perfectly' from injuries, leaving no scars or breaks. For example, his broken bones will seal and leave no mark behind, and he is slowly regaining use of his flame-seared left hand, damaged so severely the normal doctors recommended it to be amputated. This characteristic is the probable reason for the exceptionally long lifespan of wizards. It has limits...a wizard might take 40–50 years to heal the broken back Harry suffers in. Harry's 'final' ability possessed by all wizards, that of the death curse. While it is typically targeted at the being that kills them, it may be employed upon anyone within line of sight(Such as when Harry was readying to send the Death Curse at one of the Necromancers in Dead Beat when he anticipated Morgan's attack), and the wizard must have time to use it (a few seconds). Death curses can be incredibly powerful. Harry believes that the force of his curse could wipe every living thing off the island of Demonreach, and others agree. His mother's Curse completely blocked the ability of the King of the White Court of Vampires to feed, a creature that was otherwise immune to magic. He himself has been the target of a Death Curse, although the lesser power of the caster left it open-ended and of vague purpose.

Her Staff: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden HarryDresdenStaff

Duster: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden ZeidlerDuster

Shield Bracelet: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden Ialcr_fullxfull.50938

Force Ring: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden Sterling_silver_rings

Silver pentacle amulet: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden Pspen0011

.38 Revolver: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden Norica-38-revolver

.44 Revolver: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden RagingBull44

Sawed-off Shotgun: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden CA870SAW

Mouse (his large dog): Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden Caucasian_OvcharkaMouse was a small furry puppy rescued from a group of demons. A Tibetan Monk employed Harry to recover a stolen litter of puppies believed to be the descendants of an ancient Foo spirit. This meant they were supernatural and special, both qualities that Mouse has shown as he has attained his massive mature size. While Harry returned all the Foo puppies he could find, one particularly scrappy pup hid under his car seat and he was unable to return it. Mouse has shown an aptitude for detecting dark energies and presences, and he has a strong empathy for humans who display no such dark traces. He also shows intelligence greater than that of any other dog, and seems able to plan, anticipate and comprehend abstract concepts, as well as speech. After Mouse exhibits further supernatural abilities, Bob describes additional powers the dog has, such as a warning bark that awoke an entire building full of people during a fire when the actual alarm could not be activated. This bark can also apparently scare away some supernatural, incorporeal beings. If that doesn't work, Mouse can actually physically damage a supernatural enemy, usually with his teeth, as has happened with fatal effects during two battles. Despite growing to massive size, Mouse still defers to Mister, allowing the cat to eat before he does. Mouse is proven to have intelligence as great as any human, and in correct circumstances the ability not only to comprehend human speech but also to communicate as well as any human in his own language. He is also referred to as a "Mountain Ice Demon from the Land of Dreams" by two high ranking Red Court Vampires, as well as Harry's Fairy Godmother who if not afraid of him is at least wary of his abilities. In addition, it is here shown that he has a personality very similar to Dresden, evidenced by his willingness to fight and kill Lea in order to turn the group back to normal, though this is probably because he has lived with Dresden for the vast majority of his own life.

Bob (his air spirit of intellect): Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden Black-skull-candleBob is an air spirit of intellect who resides in a human skull owned by Harry. Before him, Bob was owned by Justin DuMorne, and before DuMorne, a powerful necromancer by the name of Heinrich Kemmler. Bob is a massive repository of magical knowledge, in to which he allows Harry to tap between wisecracks and attempts to be allowed out of his skull. Because of Harry's inability to use modern electronic information storage devices and his limited helpful contacts with supernatural knowledge, Bob is an invaluable asset to Harry. At some point he had gained the disfavor of Queen Mab, an event he constantly refers to when dragged into the Nevernever. Part of his personality and memory inherited from Kemmler has been locked away to keep Bob benign. Harry apparently gave him the name Bob; what name he might have possessed prior to that, if any, is unknown.

Family: Malcolm Dresden (father) (deceased)
Margaret Gwendolyn LaFey (mother) (deceased)
Ebenezar McCoy (grand-father)
Thomas Raith (half-brother)
Harry Dresden
Harry Dresden

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