Aurora: Living computers don't have last names

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Aurora: Living computers don't have last names Empty Aurora: Living computers don't have last names

Post by Aurora on Mon Oct 06, 2008 1:36 pm

Aurora was born the child of a lonely scientist, and a machine. The old man had harvested eggs from a random woman, and fertilized them himself. The resulting embryo was placed in an artificial womb. The computer that regulated it, also taught her how to process information at phenomenal speeds. By the time she was two, she was fluent in both English and French. She continued to learn at that rate her entire life. Beyond her mental capabilities, she also discovered vast texts on magic, which she picked up very quickly. Despite her knowledge, she is very naive, having lived with her father her entire life. When the old man suddenly disintegrated one day, Aurora continued on as if nothing had happened, since she had the computer for company. However, when the computer stopped functioning, she knew she would need someone else. If for no other reason than conversation. The lab had been underground, so when she made it to the surface, the sun nearly blinded her. She recognized the area as Boston, Massachusetts from her studies, and she had managed to find some money in the old man's safe. By her count, it was about $10,000. Now she's just surviving.

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