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Post by Willow Rosenberg on Mon Jul 21, 2008 4:47 am

Willow took great pride in the part she played in the victory over the first. She considered activating all the slayers, and the power and skill it took, to be her greatest achievement. At least until the men started dying off. Given the timing and the nature, she immediately blamed herself, thinking something went wrong. She became wrought with grief, guilt, and regret over her actions, expecting any minute to be punished for what she had done. A coven of the most powerful witches in the world felt her spell, recognized that it was her. But they also sensed another force, one that was distinctly NOT Willow, determining it to be what reduced the world's males to piles of dust. The coven informed the Council, and told them that though they couldn't identify the source, they would do all they could to help. Relieved to hear she wasn't the cause, though still wracked with guilt and regret, Willow took a position as the Council's head witch, determined to further redeem herself in this new world.
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