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Post by Sylvia White on Fri Sep 26, 2008 2:37 pm

Sylvia White was born and raised in Los Angeles. Both of her parents were survival experts, and taught regular classes on the subject. Almost from birth, she learned to adapt to new circumstances with ease. On her eighteenth birthday, reports came over the news that all the men had turned to dust. Her father never came home, and her mother died a week after he did, from a broken heart. That was the one thing she couldn’t adapt to. Sylvia ran away from her remaining family, her aunt Ruth, and wandered the streets for a few days, until she came across a hotel. She’d heard of it in history class. The Hyperion. Supposedly there had been a lynching there, years ago. She snuck in, only to discover another woman there. It took her a full week to get the hotel’s other inhabitant to talk, but when she did, it was the sweetest voice, and even sweeter words. Sylvia fell in love with her almost immediately. When Fred decided to find her last remaining friend, Sylvia went with her, just so she wouldn’t lose the beautiful brunette. Although Fred hasn’t shown an interest, Sylvia is still hopeful. She’s just giving the brunette time to heal.
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