Olivia 'Liv' Hayes: You ordered pizza, and sexiness?

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Olivia 'Liv' Hayes: You ordered pizza, and sexiness? Empty Olivia 'Liv' Hayes: You ordered pizza, and sexiness?

Post by Liv Hayes on Fri Aug 15, 2008 3:51 am

Liv grew up in Midland, Texas with her parents and a step-brother from her father's previous marriage. Early life for Liv was about what you would expect for a girl in Texas, school, friends, shopping, more friends and more shopping. During her Junior year at high school, however, her mother learned that her dad had been sleeping with his secretary for years behind her back, and so filed for divorce within a week. A few months later her and her mom were moving into a condo located just a little bit away from the MIT campus. Her mom had gotten a job at a large property management firm in Boston, and that combined with the settlement money from the divorce, the two were fairly well off. Liv picked up with her junior year at a local public school, and it was there that she met Anna Fitzgerald. The two became fast friends, and shortly after starting their senior year they decided to make it official... In an unofficial sense.

The two girls both had strong feelings for the other, but at the same time, they weren't opposed to a little "fun" on the side, and so decided to pursue a more open relationship. Throughout high school the two were almost constantly together, and many of the girls at their school ended up batting for the other team, as they say, because of Anna and Liv's convincing "arguments" and so during the summer following the two decided to get an apartment together. A "bachelorette pad" if you will. They generally agreed, however, that anything in the bed belonged to either girl, and usually both, and it made for some really fun weekends. During their relationship Liv had realized that she didn't always want to be going to her mom for money, so Anna had secured her a waitress position at the cafe owned by her parents, Beth's, and Anna worked there three nights a week during school.

After the two moved out together, though, Liv realized that the three nights a week she was working at Beth's just wasn't going to cut it, and so started picking up more shifts, the few that were to be had. And even during the previous winter had started working for Papa John's Pizza, driving her silver VW Jetta around town carrying pizzas to hungry Bostonians. She had to admit, she loved working both jobs, though Papa John's was only on Friday's and Saturday's, because she was able to constantly meet new people.

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