Anna Fitzgerald: Fun, frisky, and makes a great omlette

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Anna Fitzgerald: Fun, frisky, and makes a great omlette

Post by Anna Fitzgerald on Fri Aug 15, 2008 3:35 am

Anna's story is fairly short and sweet. Having grown up in Boston as an only child she knows the city well. Her parents were both fairly progressive and liberal, so when in her sophomore year of high school she brought home another girl from her class and said that they were going out, her parents went with the flow. Not rich, but well enough off growing up, Anna learned to love food, her parents owned a small restaurant located near Harvard called Beth's Cafe, named after her mom, and Anna spent much of her time there in the kitchen, watching her dad cooking food.

Her love life was fairly simple during high school, after a few flings with various girls and guys, she finally met Olivia, Liv as she liked to be called, and the two hit it off. They started officially going out during their senior year, but both agreed to keep it fairly open and see other people. Usually together, but not necesarily. After graduation the two moved out and got an apartment together close to the restaurant, because they both worked there waiting tables. Both Anna and her mom took it hard when her father died, but he had been fighting lung cancer at the time, due to smoking since he was 15 years old, so maybe it was better to die quicker from whatever plague swept the planet than from lung cancer.

Anna had thought about going to college after high school, but after her dad had died she had stepped in to help out more at the restaurant, and could be found most days waiting tables and generally being a good manager type person.

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