Samantha 'Sam' Madison - An aerospace engineer afraid of flying

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Samantha 'Sam' Madison - An aerospace engineer afraid of flying

Post by Sam Madison on Wed Aug 06, 2008 7:04 am

Sam Madison is the older sister of Victoria Madison. She's quite fond of, extremely proud of, and best friends with, her little sister. While Victoria was more quiet and reserved, Samantha was fairly outgoing. Around the time when she was in junior high and all her friends were starting to notice boys, she was paying more attention to her friends. She was thankful her family was so supportive, she'd heard horror stories. She was especially close with her Uncle Jaime, who had been a Marine during the first Gulf War. This is where her fear of planes came from. Jaime had met a girl in Kuwait, and they'd quickly fallen in love. When the war was over, the plane she was coming home on, crashed into the Black Sea due to mechanical difficulties. This shook the otherwise fearless man quite hard, and he passed his mistrust of planes on to his niece. This fear drove her to pursue aerospace engineering. When she wasn't busy chasing down the latest girl to turn her head that was.

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