Guinevere Stewart: Imported Direct from London, for your enjoyment.

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Guinevere Stewart: Imported Direct from London, for your enjoyment. Empty Guinevere Stewart: Imported Direct from London, for your enjoyment.

Post by Gwen Stewart on Wed Aug 06, 2008 5:27 am

Life for Guinevere, Gwen as she preferred it now, had been fairly straightforward for the first 16 years of her life. She had grown up in a suburb outside of London, gone to school with her friends from the neighborhood, and generally lead what would be called a normal life. She went shopping, hung out at the mall, bugged her parents until they got her a cell phone so she could call all her friends. Gwen parents were your typical upper-class English folk. Her mother, Angela, was a VP for the London branch of BAE, British Aerospace. She had no clue exactly what she did, beyond being in charge of a lot of people building airplanes. Her dad, Patrick, taught history at Oxford, and had a secret.

Gwen was the oldest of three children, all girls. Her younger sisters were twins, Melissa and Melody, and were born two years after her. She got on well enough with her sisters, though they did steal her clothes and then spill on them, so really it was kind of a love-hate relationship. She loved to hate it when they ruined her newest outfit. Another thing about them that bugged her, was that they'd inherited their father's gift, which she didn't have. All three them were practitioners of magic, and quite good ones, as far as she knew.

Two years before she finished at her secondary school, her mom came home from work with "great news". News that, to Gwen, was anything but great. Apparently, BAE was expanding some of its operations abroad, and her mom had been promoted to Senior VP in Charge of Operations for the new Boston branch of the firm. Yeah, it was great news for her mom, but she now had to relocate across the ocean, and start up at some America high school where she wouldn't know anyone. And all her friends were going to be stuck over here. Her life was ruined, basically.

Well, that was two years ago, and, shocking though it may seem, her life wasn't ruined by the move. She started her "Junior" year at Winchester Academy, where she did surprisingly well, considering she'd never been a star student back home. Part of it, she was sure later, was that since she had been removed from everything she knew, she latched onto what she did know. Cheerleading, and school work. So, now it's two years later, her father died mysteriously a few months back, though through her father's old contacts, known to Melissa and Melody now, the family learned that the "plague" as it was being called, was actually magical in nature. But she didn't know what she could do about, she wasn't anyone special.

Her new life was about to start, she was no longer going to be living with her family anymore, as she'd been accepted in MIT's School of Architecture and Planning, though she did plan on minoring in engineering. She couldn't believe she'd finally escaped her sisters at last.
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