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Post by Debbie Fraiser on Sun Aug 03, 2008 5:32 am

Debbie was born just shy of 19 years ago in Pittsburgh, PA. She was the first, and last, child of Mr. Ezekial Fraiser and Mrs. Megan Fraiser. Debbie's parents had come originally from very different walks of life. Her dad was the son of a preacher, who had been the son of a preacher, who had been the... Well, you get the idea. Her mom, on the other hand, had grown up in a completely different environment. Both of her parents subscribed to a more fun loving, free spirited, down to earth approach to life, one also known of as being a Hippie. They had met shortly after Ezekial had finished his formal schooling and been ordained as a Pastor in the Baptist faith. He had just moved out to Pittsburgh from North Carolina and had taken on the job of Pastor at the North Hills Baptist Church. Megan, or simply Meg as she had been known at that time, on the other hand, was in the process of rebelling against her parents, the latest act had been receiving a formal, college education from the University of Pittsburgh. Their story, like their courtship, is brief, and need not be recounted here. Needless to say that within a year Megan's belly was swelling with their first child, Debbie.

Despite her parents wish for more than one child, the birthing process had had dire effects to Megan, leaving her unable to bear further children, and therefore making Debbie an only child. As Debbie grew her mother had only been called by three names; Mrs. Fraiser, Megan, or Mom, depending on who was doing the calling. It wasn't until her 12th birthday that she learned, quite by accident, that her mom had once lead a much different lifestyle to the "stay at home and be a good wife to your husband" one she had been living for 14 years. It came in the form of a gift, passed from her mother, through Megan, and down to Debbie. A gift that Ezekial had tried to stamp out of her mother, but never knew of in her, as her mother helped her to hide it's signs from her father. That was one of the few kind acts she received from her while growing up, shelter from her father's malevolent hatred of witch-craft, and a small amount of training in the same.

Her talent varied from her mother's in such a way that made it hard for her mother to teach her, not that she would have done more than simply teaching Debbie enough to hide if from her father anyway, but that's beside the point. Debbie's talent ran very strongly in a mechanical sense. She could almost feel her way through machines. Learningwhat was wrong with them, and how to fix it. Feel the paths that electricity flowed down, any obstructions to the path, and ways to correct for them. In the end, she learned most of what she knows know from a small book she found among her grandparents belongings after they'd died, her mother's parents, obviously. It was a book entitled "Technological Magery".

As Debbie grew her control over machines grew as well, to the point where manipulating them became almost an unconscious reflex. At that point she realized that the connections she felt within machines also existed in the air around her, and slowly she learned to manipulate them as well. Her 'techno-witchery" as she calls it, is basically like your normal spell craft, only with less incantations, and she needs at least some amount of electrical equipment or electricity nearby to make it work.

A few months prior to turning 15 she was just starting her freshmen year at North Hills High, when everything almost fell apart. The first chiming of the death knells of Debbie's happy childhood rang when her father, overly curious about the fact that she'd never brought any boys home to meet him, or to receive his approval for dating his daughter, decided to search through Debbie's room. Now, normally he probably wouldn't have noticed anything amiss, as she was very careful to hide the fact that her tastes ran towards the fairer sex, but her dad was anything but a normal father. He had known what his wife's relatives had been about, and when he saw some old electronics that he had long ago discarded as junk working better than they had when they were new, he had ransacked her room, eventually turning up the book, "Technological Magery". When she returned home that October evening her father was in a towering rage. It was so fearsome to watch that at a few moments she was afraid he might hurt her seriously. She didn't know it at the time, but while her father was raging on, her mother was using her gift to keep just such a thing from happening. Subtly, as she had practiced her craft during the 18 years in which they'd been together.

Like when a hurricane strikes there are two vicious times, broken by a calm, almost pleasant break betwen. The first months of her freshmen year were to Debbie's life like the eye in the center of the hurricane. It was during that time that she met Claire Hathaway. An already budding actress, the blond girl was gorgeous, funny and smart. A deadly combination in Debbie's eyes, but what sealed the deal was how the two got on together. From the moment they met, they just clicked. Everything seemed to work perfectly for the two of them from their first introduction, and meeting Claire's parents, to what followed not long after they started to date. The time was bliss for Debbie and she could hardly have asked for anything more, even her father yelling at her on an almost nightly basis about the evil sin of witchery only dampened her spirits while she was in his presence. Being with Claire made Debbie happier than she'd ever been before.

Unfortunately for her, a wedge had been driven between her father and her. And so it was, barely two months later, when he learned about a new supposed "girlfriend" of hers, one Claire Hathaway, that the final straw which broke the camel's back landed. During the fight words like "sin against God", "abomination", and "heresy" worked Ezekial into such a rage that Debbie actually was forced to use her gift to defend herself. It was only a simple shielding spell, but it was enough to get her banished from the house, and her name wasn't mentioned again for nearly four years, not until after her father had died did her mother speak to her daughter again.

Luckily for Debbie, Claire's parents were more than willing to take on one more child, in Claire's Mother's own words, " We already have five kids, what's one more? You two will have to share a room though." Debbie didn't realize at the time, though Claire knew of it, but her mother knew EXACTLY what the relationship between the two girls was, and what her sentance meant.

And so, after four years of high school, Claire focusing her life on drama, and Debbie, while Debbie's life was focused on machines, electronics, and Claire, the two were graduating from North Hills High, with Claire as the class Valedictorian. Luckily for them, Debbie received a fairly unknown scholarship to MIT through some connections she had worked via her gift, and thanks to some of the contacts she and Claire had from some Wiccan friends of theirs. That put her just down the river from where Claire was set to attend Harvard. A nearly perfect win-win situation.
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