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Post by Claire Hathaway on Fri Jul 25, 2008 1:26 am

Though my accent would suggest otherwise, I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You might wonder how someone would develop an Aussie accent in the middle of a bunch of Seppo (Thatís Australian slang for Americans) steel workers. Well, thatís because my father is from Australia. When his company expanded to the United States, he was the one put in charge. He met my mother at work one day and they just clicked. Soon enough, I came along, followed by Liam, Robert, Kiersten, and Trynaíe. Kiersten and Trynaíe are identical twins.

Ever since I was a little girl, Iíve been singing and dancing, and have been in every school play since junior high. Last year, they did Grease especially for me. They just couldnít resist casting me as Sandy. On top of all this, I was class valedictorian, so, Harvard seemed a natural choice, majoring in drama of course. Iím looking forward to making new friends and getting to know my roommate. The major downside is no Debbie, though she's just across town at MIT. I'm also a practicing witch, something passed on to me from my mother. I'm told by those that know that I have some raw talent, I just need to find the proper person to help tap it.

Iíve been out for nearly four years now. Sure, boys were quite interested in me, but I was never really interested in them. Then when I got to ninth grade, I met Debbie. Thatís when I knew. We got together shortly after we met, and weíve never been happier though the being apart is not always of the good.
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