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Post by Lara Croft on Mon Feb 02, 2009 10:42 pm

Lady Lara Croft is a rare individual. For one thing, she never really noticed anything different when she was called. She had always driven her body past it's limits, so any enhancements were thought to be a new threshold she had reached.

For another, even before the dreams and sixth sense came to her, Lara was very aware of the Supernatural, having found and fought magic on multiple occasions.

After finding, and ultimately re-hiding, Pandora's Box, Lara took a side trip to Cairo, where she discovered a beautiful, albeit scholastically boring, statue of Bast. She took it home with her, only to find her butler and friend, Hillary, as well as her technological genius, Bryce, both dead.

Once she had mourned, she realized the nightmares that had been plauging her had nothing to do with them. And she also discovered something amazing in the statue of Bast. A stone, with an ancient symbol for the Earth on it. And when she touched it, it emblazoned the corrosponding symbol for air onto her arm.

Once again showing her status as a rare individual, her only response was, "Hmm. Well, that was an experience."
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