Chase Roberts/The Black Phoenix: Death is too easy, your salvation lies through pain.

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Chase Roberts/The Black Phoenix: Death is too easy, your salvation lies through pain.

Post by Chase Roberts on Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:43 am

Two faces to one body. One is the heartless, vicious Black Phoenix who only seeks pain and destruction. A religious zealot who would do anything for her Dark Mother. The other is Chase Roberts, a young woman aware of her dark heritage who battles to please the monster’s that brought her into the world and the glimmer of humanity that still festers inside her.

She walks during the day as Chase Roberts, but during the night she dons a mask and becomes The Black Phoenix.

The Black Phoenix/Chase is a wrong doing of genetic experimentation, the brain child of the ancient eastern European vampire Isabella Kiselyova, the head of the fanatical followers of Lillith, the Bahari. Chase has been set to the outside world to discover what has happened that caused all the males of the world to die and spread enlightenment on those she deems worthy.

The Black Phoenix/Chase is not a vampire but not quite human. She can not compete strength wise with a slayer but is blessed with superhuman speed and regeneration.

The power that makes Chase and The Black Phoenix truly dangerous is her magically affinity with shadows and darkness. Able to disappear, meld and move between shadows, she is almost impossible to capture.

The other ability that makes her a dangerous foe is her access to the ancient rites of the Bahari, which can enable her to access the darkest fears of her targets and weaknesses. These rituals however can take long period of time to complete ( 12 hours and cannot be interrupted) and require hair or a object that has a close connection to her target.

She is Bahari, She is the harbringer of pain… spiritual, physical and emotional. All the gifts that her creator bestowed… and all the faults of her creators heart.

Pain is her gift to you, the tree of learning that she has to teach.

The Black Phoenix/Chase doesn’t want to kill you, she wants you to suffer and burn. The only way to enlightenment and true understanding is pain. She will open up your eyes.

May Lillith have mercy on us all.

Chase Roberts

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