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Post by Avery Cole on Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:22 pm

Avery grew up in Montana. She never settled very long in any of the places she was in, but she always was in the state of Montana. Her mother passed away when she was about 12, leaving her older sister to take that role in her life. Her father threw himself into their family store, and they finally settled in Helena, Montana. She never saw much of him, even though they lived in the same house. When she was 17, she learned that her uncle was a Watcher when he had come to visit, and liking her passion for books and research, asked if that would be an interest for her. She eagerly signed up. To guide a Chosen girl would be a remarkable experiance. She went to school for a couple of years before transferring to train in the Watcher's council in Boston. She was then assigned to a frightened girl with metahuman abilities named Dinah Lance. Avery didn't feel she was ready to take on a Slayer, but with the new spell that Willow Rosenberg had done, there were now more Slayers than there were Watchers, and she was needed. When she met Dinah Lance, she knew just how much. Both of them were tring to get over the loss of the men in their lives, as well as their new roles in this strage predicament. This will be a learning experiance for the both of them.
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