Dinah Laural Lance: Touch Telepath, Telekinetic and now... Slayer?

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Dinah Laural Lance: Touch Telepath, Telekinetic and now... Slayer? Empty Dinah Laural Lance: Touch Telepath, Telekinetic and now... Slayer?

Post by Dinah Lance on Wed Jan 07, 2009 4:21 am

Dinah lived a pretty hard life, but she doesn't regret any of it. She grew up in Opal, Misouri after her mother left her with the Redmond family when she was six. For days she sat by the window waiting for her mother until she realized she wasn't coming back. When she was nine she had a dream that changed her entire life. She dreamed of two women struck by tragedy, and no matter how much her foster mother told her it wasn't real, she never could get it out of her mind. See, the dream was real, and even at nine, Dinah was sure of that. In the next seven years, she started to know things about people when she touched them, things only they would know, and those dreams continued to give her information about the near future. Dinah couldn't help but wonder about the women in her dream, and as the Redmonds got more and more violent when she mentioned these gifts, Dinah wished that they were together somewhere, waiting for her. When she was sixteen, she ran away to New Gotham, the only clue from the dream as to where to find them, and was almost attacked. She was saved by a lively woman, the devistated girl in her dream who saw her own mother get murdered. In awe, she followed her rescuer, Helena, and found the family she was looking for. She also found the woman whom's freedom was torn from her when she was shot, leaving her parallized from the waist down. Her name was Barbara.

With this new family, Dinah knew the meaning of family and friendship as she learned more about her powers, and later, her heritage. She became a somewhat superhero in training under Helena (known as Huntress) and Barbara (known as Oracle), and she was happier than she had ever been. A couple of months later, her mother, thought to be gone for good, found Barbara Gordon, and Dinah. She learned that her mother was the legendary superhero known as the Black Canary, and with that knowledge she found out why her mother left her with the Redmonds. It was to protect her from people who were out for revenge against the things Black Canary had done. In the fight between her greatest nemisis Al Hawk, Dinah's mother died in an explosion. Dinah's grief turned to anger as she tried to control this new power. Over time, she calmed down and went back to being the generally peppy girl she had been before.

Tragedy then struck her family in a way that almost tore them apart. Another nemisis, of Barbara's this time, found a way to transfer the power of hypnosis to the whole city, causing everyone to go insane. During this time, Dinah discovered a new way to use her telekinisis, which was to form them into a sort of sheildlike formation, a blast if you will. Once Harley Quinn was stopped, Helena and Barbara were barely on speaking terms, but it took them a while to heal. Three months later in May, Dinah had a very strange dream of something really wrong going on, but not knowing what it was or what it meant. The next night, she had a really primal dream that made her feel weird. When she woke up, she had a hard time controling her strength, and kept breaking things on accident, this time not with her telekinesis. She nearly destroyed the training room and in training, she couldn't control her new found strength and hurt Helena pretty badly. Being a metahuman and very strong herself Helena couldn't stop her, and Dinah, horrified, refused to train with Helena again. Then over the course of the next two weeks, all of the men started dying off, and the world mourned. Having had the dream and the new powers, Dinah became convinced that it was her fault for having the dreams and not being able to tell what they meant, therefor letting the men die. She became withdrawn. A couple of months later, she was approached by a woman claiming to be a Watcher, and told her that she was what's called a Slayer. After her first vampire kill, she knew this woman had to be right, and joined her to control her powers in hopes of going back to her family in New Gotham and not be the threat.

She's been in Boston for a couple of months, getting used to the new strength and the nightly routine of killing vampires. Dinah misses her family in New Gotham terribly, but she loves them so much she doesn't want to go back until she's sure they're safe from her. She's glad that she still has her other powers still on top of the Slayer gifts. It makes her time slaying easier. She also appretiates her Watcher for helping her out so much during this new transition.
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